The multinational company for consumer goods, Proctor and Gamble, has launched an educational program, Shiksha-2010 and it has targets of raising a fund of 10 million rupees as donation towards the project.
Bollywood actors Neha Dhupia, Gul Panag and Soha Ali Khan adopted a novel strategy to spread awareness about primary and compulsory education among the marginalized children. Shiksha in Hindi denotes education and the motto for the project is ‘Padhega India, Badhega India’ which means ‘India will study, India will progress.’ The idea behind Shiksha is that brighter India can be created only if quality education is offered to all children.
At the launch of the project all 3 actors expressed their views on the significance of education to the audience. Neha mentioned that academic education is essential for everybody and it makes a person an asset from being a liability to the society. She also highlighted on the essence of the 3 R (Reading, Writing and Arithmatic.)