We in North India were enjoying the skin Neha Dhupia showed to us in ‘Julie’ while our brothers in South India are deprived of her charm. The Future Films realized this deprivation and decided to dub ‘Julie’ in Tamil, a South Indian language for the benefit of the South Indians to see and drool. The Hindi version of ‘Julie’ was released few years ago and was a success. Future Films is expecting the same market in Kollywood (Tamil film industry) and therefore dubbed the film in Tamil.

Neha is not available for comment and the movie is about to the hit the Tamil screens in the month of March. The movie also has Mumaith Khan (performed an ‘item number’) and she is well known in Tamil and the music director Himesh Reshamiyaah has also performed in Tamil (for Dasavadharam) and therefore the calculations of Future Films may turn out to be right.