Neha Dhupia pictures

Neha Dhupia pictures

Neha Dhupia pictures may happen to be painting the town red with a supposed firang boyfriend, but she is in no mood to discuss it.

Ask Neha Dhupia pictures to divulge some details about her mystery Venezuelan boyfriend, Jimmy, because nobody seems to know a lot more about him and Neha Dhupia pictures cheekily says, “Even I don’t know any much more. And I’d like to keep it that way.” But on the bright side, she didn’t deny a romance. Steering away, we ask Neha Dhupia pictures concerning the qualitiesNeha Dhupia’d like to see in Neha Dhupia pics ideal man and Neha Dhupia wallpapers immediately says that “qualities like courage – a lot of it, camaraderie, confidence, integrity and most importantly, grooming, actually make or break a man. I think IAS officers, Bollywood stars, soldiers, folks from a corporate background and even lawyers usually fit this bill.”

And amongst these qualities, Neha Dhupia says she’d rank integrity and grooming as the leading two criteria that would immediately attract her to a guy. Differentiating among wooing a girl back in the old-fashioned era and nowadays, the actor says that she’d surely like to see chivalry make a comeback in men nowadays.

“Today, women are finding so a lot stronger and independent that it intimidates a man. They possibly don’t really feel the have to be chivalrous anymore. But I’m somewhat old school that way and like to be swept off my feet. And I’d like my guy to treat me like a lady at all occasions,”Neha Dhupia says dreamily.

So, if Neha Dhupia pictures were headed out on a date, would she prefer to split the tab or prefer that her guy foots the bill? “It’s not about the money per se in occasions like these. I’d be content to pay.Actually, I constantly provide to pay, but it makes an impression when the guy takes charge here,” says Neha adding, “Like I said, I’d like my guy to behave like a gentleman, especially although on a date.” Point noted.

Talking about films, Neha says that she’s fairly busy with a couple of projects in her kitty. “I have Pappu Can’t Dance Saala. Post that there is Maximum with Sonu Sood and Naseerudin Shah and then Raftaar, a thriller. – Neha Dhupia pictures”