Neha Dhupia picture

Neha Dhupia picture

It appears actress Neha Dhupia picture has changed, and how? In 2004, she gave a beautiful, no-holds-barred performance in Deepak Shivdasani’s Julie that was replete with some truly hot love creating scenes.

Following which, Neha Dhupia picture went about town saying, “Only sex and SRK sell”. However, the actress does not seem to feel so anymore, at the very least the element about sex being saleable. A case in point is her recent refusal to be portion of Shivdasani’s ambitious sequel to Julie.

We can tell you that whilst Neha Dhupia picture is but to inform Shivdasani about her disinterest in Julie two, she has created up her thoughts about not wanting to be component of the film. Though Neha Dhupia picture remained unavailable for comment, an incredibly close buddy of hers told Mirror, “Deepak Shivdasani approached Neha Dhupia picture once more for the lead role.

He requirements to begin the sequel soon. But he’ll need to hunt for a person other than Neha now. Julie 2 is going to be at least as bold as Julie if not bolder. And Neha Dhupia picture has now decided she does not need to expose too much.”

So why such a paradigm shift in stance? Her friend mentioned, “Shivdasani’s Julie occurred eight years ago. Times have changed. It was diverse earlier. Neha Dhupia picture’s image has changed now, and Neha Dhupia picture desires it to stay that way.” Accurate, over the years, Dhupia has been toying with distinct kinds of roles, even garnering essential acclaim for some like Ek Chalis Ki Last Nearby, Mithya, Dus Kahaniyaan and Chup Chup Ke. Then again, it truly is surprising to determine her turn down the sequel to a film that catapulted her into the limelight within the first location.

Dare we say that Neha Dhupia picture’s rock-solid relationship with Venezuelan boyfriend James Sylvester may be one particular of the reasons for her existing bent of thoughts. What say Neha Dhupia picture?