Neha Dhupia hotNeha Dhupia hot – Who does not want to follow inside the footsteps of Dabangg Khan? So when Neha Dhupia hot expressed her desire to accomplish one thing equivalent, we weren’t shocked! But what is indeed shocking is how the leggy lass plans to ape Salman Khan!

Neha Dhupia hot, a lot like Salman, does not reveal Neha Dhupia hot plans to obtain married. When we asked the actor if Neha Dhupia hot is giving marriage a significant believed, she stated, “I will marry only following Salman ties the knot.” When we prodded her to elaborate, she chuckled, “Ask Salman initial after which you can ask me the identical question”

So will be the believed of marrying after Salman ties the knot with his somebody specific a critical commitment? ”Ek baar joh maine dedication kar di, toh primary apne aap ki bhi nahi sunti,” she replied. Sassy Neha Dhupia hot proves she is following inside the footsteps of Salman Khan. Neha Dhupia hot pics – Great going!