One of those girlie fights happened between the two hotties on the sets of a movie.

Two of the glamorous ladies of Bollywood “Celina Jaitley and Neha Dhupia ” are sharing the space of its Subhash Ghai`s production paying guests. Although the images of the film in Bangkok, the two actresses lost their cool and had a cat fight over a trivial matter.

A promotional song was shot on Sathorn Bridge. Neha and Celina were to dress as the school for the number of girls. And the two actresses even shared the same vanity.

But when the two actresses dolled up as a school for girls they realized that their hairstyles and color of the band does not match. This meant that one of them had to change its style to adapt to the other.

That’s where the ego tussle began because none was willing to change her style. The disagreement began with an animated discussion and turned into a heated squabble in a matter of minutes.

Director Paritosh Painter has confirmed that certain matters between Neha and Celina on the sets. But the director says that the seed was more due to the fatigue of the long hours worked than any personal distaste.

Well, let’s assume that he is right.