Mumbai, August 12: They are little known for her acting skills, but Neha Dhupia certainly manages to increase its share in the spotlight thanks to all its wild celebrations habits, catfights and snooty unprofessional acts.

This time, however, it was Dhupia`s late-night parties until the early hours of the morning that got her into trouble. The sultry babe delayed the entire cast and shootings of Paritossh Painters`s directorial debut film ‘Paying Guests’, as she was unable to catch the flight due to excessive celebrations the night before.

As a result, the entire cast that included Celina Jaitley, who did not agree along famously with Neha, remained waiting endlessly.

Irritated to the core, the cast members decided to Neha snubbing a cold when they arrived on the set two days later.

Daily news even mentioned as one insider says: “Apart from those catfights with Celina in Bangkok, Neha was the hot topic of conversation, because they do not sign up for the shooting of the film. This annoyed her co-stars, who were kept waiting endlessly. Neha had a day off to fly to Dubai for a show. The unit was expected to her the next day and her scenes were scheduled, along with the other actors but she missed her flight after a night of celebrations. ”

Well, we propose that the parties lady when she does not work, which is very often the case.