Neha Dhupia hot

Neha Dhupia hot

Neha Dhupia hot – On many occasions, Neha Dhupia hot has been infamously quoted for her ‘only SRK and sex sell’ comment. But it’s been lengthy considering that the actor shot her mouth off about any controversial topic.

The 31-year-old admits that a sense of level-headedness and excellent options have brought about a change in her attitude. Here are excerpts from a chat using the former beauty queen, exactly where we closely dissect Neha Dhupia hot option of roles after crossing over for the incorrect side of 30, her definition of an extreme physique variety and her new plain Jane avatar in her upcoming film.

From diva to plain jane
Neha Dhupia hot will be noticed within the film “Maximum” opposite Sonu Sood playing a demure Indian wife covered from head to toe in cotton saris plus a sans makeup look. “I play Sonu’s wife in the film. The film is set in between 2003 and 2008 when the underworld had taken more than and a large amount of encounter cops were brought in. So it’s a cop versus cop story where Naseeruddin Shah and Sonu are pitted against each other. My character’s name is Supriya and I’m with virtually no makeup and I put on cotton saris. I’m glad that I’ve lastly come of age and grow to be the girl-next-door,” says Neha Dhupia hot.

Playing the glam doll also because the plain Jane requires an equal quantity of effort
The actress feels it is unfair for the media to judge an actor on the basis of how they dress up or just how much they reveal for a role. Neha Dhupia hot says that an equal quantity of pressure lies on an actor to please the audience, who she feels are the ultimate critics. “It’s not fair. When we play glam roles, you guys say ‘Oh, she’s just playing the infant doll and there’s so considerably skin show and there’s not significantly to do’, even though however when we play a non-glamorous function, you say that’s so boring. It is unfair to pass judgments like this with out even seeing a film,” she says.

Maturity does not come with age, it comes with knowledge
“It’s a huge compliment that men and women continue to cast me in distinct varieties of roles believing in me and also the reality that I can carry it off,” says Neha Dhupia hot adding, “It’s maturity and how you choose your scripts, that’s what makes all of the difference. All actresses, even Rekha looks very glamorous inside a sari. Age is just not a aspect with regards to selecting the sort of roles you want to portray or the type of clothes you put on for a function on-screen. As an actor my most significant strength might not be something else, but I am wise about picking my scripts and I like stories which are well told. With every script and film, there should be a shift or you get stereotyped. My aim is always to keep the freshness alive by playing diverse roles.”

Kareena and Vidya went to extremes for roles
“I am a person who is a fitness freak, I wouldn’t skip the health club and eat whatever I want because I have to look fit. I don’t visit the health club to turn out to be size zero, I go there to become healthful and fit and it shows in my skin and my hair. I’ve never ever been within the quantity game or within the battle of size zero and at the same time, I am not one who would encourage excess weight gain or fat loss. I respect those who can do it to get a function due to the fact it really is quite hard to alter oneself physically for the sake of a role. People have gone to extremes, Kareena has gone to a size zero, Vidya has gone to becoming bigger than she is, it’s quite tough and I respect that,” says Neha Dhupia hot.

Item girl or top lady?
Leading lady for sure! The item song from Neha’s film “Aah Ante Ammalapuram” has been performing really well and topping the charts. Concerning the song, Neha Dhupia hot says, “The song is genuinely popular down south and I’d have loved to perform the item song. But, if offered a selection among the major lady along with the item girl in the film, I’d choose the leading lady’s role,” says Neha Dhupia hot right after telling us that she’d been asked to choose amongst the famous item song along with the top role inside the film several times. – Neha Dhupia hot