Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia

 MY PERSONAL DE-STRESS MANTRA IS… Doing yoga. Neha Dhupia have been practicing it for a while now. Neha Dhupia find it very relaxing and soothing at many levels and would never skip it for anything. I do yoga five to six days a week for an hour a day. Apart from this, Neha Dhupia regularly visit the spa and get therapeutic massages there.

IN MY LEISURE TIME… Neha Dhupia often go for a swim or play squash and go for it at least twice a week. Neha Dhupia love to read so whenever Neha Dhupia can, Neha Dhupia pick up a book, fiction and non-fiction. I don’t always make time to watch TV but I really enjoy watching Mad Men and Modern Family. If there’s a film I want to see, it’ll have to be at a theatre. I have to say music fills my leisure time to a great extent. I listen to almost everything, apart from rap or hip-hop, and I like to experience music live so Neha Dhupia love going to concerts and attending live gigs.

A COOK OR A FOODIE… Neha Dhupia find cooking to be therapeutic, but I admit, I don’t cook very well. I am a big foodie but Neha Dhupia try and eat healthy and go organic as much as possible. Neha Dhupia enjoy eating at home and out equally, however, a home cooked meal scores higher than outside food on any good day.

MY HOBBIES… My hobbies include work and travel, and the two sort of complement each other. My work requires me to travel and one reason Neha Dhupia enjoy what I do so much, is because it offers excellent perks like travelling. Neha Dhupi a love visiting exotic places and my holidays are generally to the lesser known pockets, where Neha Dhupia can soak in the culture and spirit of that place.

HOMEBODY OR PARTY ANIMAL… I am a complete homebody, not a party animal. Neha Dhupia attend parties only when they are work or film related or if they are for a really close friend. Neha Dhupia prefer spending time with friends and family at either my home or going over to theirs.

TIPS TO DE-STRESS My ultimate idea of de-stressing is either going for a jog or a run or detaching oneself from everything and practicing yoga and meditating. Family is the ultimate support system one can have and Neha Dhupia feel the best way to overcome stress is to talk about and discuss the issues that are bothering you and then have a good sleep; starting afresh with a new day and a clear mind.- Neha Dhupia