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  Neha Dhupia picture has gone on record to quell all queries about her marriage, and is keeping mum on her existing connection status, but discuss the past, and actor Neha Dhupia picture does not regret any of her preceding link-ups. “I do not regret any connection, or something that I’ve done within the past,” […]

Neha Dhupia pictures may happen to be painting the town red with a supposed firang boyfriend, but she is in no mood to discuss it. Ask Neha Dhupia pictures to divulge some details about her mystery Venezuelan boyfriend, Jimmy, because nobody seems to know a lot more about him and Neha Dhupia pictures cheekily says, […]

Neha Dhupia pictures – My workouts comprise indoor and outdoor routines with a mixture of cardio and weight training thrice a week. Neha Dhupia pictures also play squash and often go for a swim. Both are great forms of cardio that not only make you sweat but also help you disconnect from the woes of […]