Jessica Simpson, The Dukes Of Hazzard star, had come to India and you won’t believe the makeover she was on. She was seen with henna on her hands and with a traditional bindi on her forehead. She arrived in India to shoot her latest reality TV show. She came to Mumbai’s ostentatious Vie Lounge to attend a Bollywood party. Jessica Simpson is the guest of our Bollywood sweety Neha Dhupia during her stay in India. Her TV show ‘The Price Of Beauty’ is being shot in India lately. The TV show is all about how beauty is perceived by people of various region, languages and cultures across the globe and the shoot is now centered in India. The show talks besides physical beauty, the taste of people and their opinions on various abstract aspects of beauty. Guess who is chosen to represent the beauty of India? It’s our former Miss India, Neha Dhupia.