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Where’s Neha?

Remaining in the limelight is a difficult business. Either you have to achieve this by your activities or you need to success to follow you. Remaining passive is going to take you nowhere – at the most it will take you to your house only. Katrina has achieved the success of remaining in the news […]

Difficult To Run The Race?

The entertainment industry is not at all entertaining for those working there. It is a sort of tension and headache if things do not go your way. No one has been spared of this. Every actor has to go down the slump in their career at one point in time. However, as far as Neha […]

Neha with Emraan Hashmi

‘Raftaar 24X7’. What is this? Many might not know too much about this, but this is a film, that has Neha Dhupia and Emraan Hashmi starring together. ‘Raftaar 24X7’ – a film by Percept Pictures was down and almost out. Percept Pictures wants the film to be out soon. But how soon? The film is […]

Actors and actresses from the Bollywood film industry were really busy these days. They were in Sri Lanka last weekend to attend the IIFA awards ceremony. And as the clouds slowly fade away, all get back to business. Film related business like shooting, advertising and launching is back on tracks. One such film has been […]

Neha Not for Size Zero

They say, however you behave in this world, someone will find faults and criticize you. Especially the criticism is greater if you belong to the same profession. Neha Dhupia is showering the same criticism on Kareena. When the females in the industry are trying to maintain their figure, Neha thinks the size zero is not […]

Can Neha touch Shilpa?

The case of Neha is pretty much similar to another Bollywood hotty—our very own Shilpa Shetty. There’s no doubt that Shilpa is less sexy, less beautiful and less talented than Neha. But her Bollywood journey was almost similar to that of Neha filled with occasional hits and more misses along with ordinary movie selection. But […]

Neha: A waste of talent?

Neha Dhupia: a star in the making. This line was first announced by the hard core Bollywood critics when she showed her caliber as a matured actor in her early days in Bollywood. But even after so many years in the Bollywood, Neha is yet to get the identity of a full-fledged and successful actress. […]